Why Conduit Consulting?

Our clients are known as innovators, trend-setters, market leaders, formidable competitors, and outstanding in their fields. Recognizing the recklessness of using a do-it-yourself approach and understanding that to transcend their current situations they need a wise, expert "conduit", organization leaders engage us to efficiently expedite achieving their companies’ goals.

Many companies share similar goals:

  • expeditiously and efficiently gaining strategic and economic benefits
  • expanding market share
  • increasing shareholder value and enhancing enterprise value
  • maintaining market leadership position

However, as very few people have extensive, repeated experience successfully managing and advising businesses in various industries during periods of economic uncertainty as well as during start-up, hyper-growth, repositioning, restructuring, turnaround, and exit phases, most companies do not possess the know-how, tools and skills in-house to swiftly and cost efficiently achieve success without substantial distraction and tremendous disruption to their organization’s day-to-day operating activities. Conduit Consulting® professionals bring this uncommon expertise to our clients.

Conduit Consulting® is committed to clients’ success and built to provide independent, expert advice and support to businesses, government entities, and individuals. On behalf of our clients, we successfully reorganize existing or design new organizations so that they will operate effectively and efficiently; devise and implement strategies, policies and procedures which mitigate risk, reduce expenses, and accelerate revenue generation; innovate in-demand products and services; gain marketshare; increase customer and employee satisfaction; improve productivity and profitability; forge valuable strategic relationships and exits (even while dissolving unproductive ones); enhance business’ enterprise value; and increase share price.

Companies in many diverse industries and government agencies select Conduit Consulting® because they recognize the opportunity to substantially benefit from both our professionals’ unique expertise and our value-creation oriented approach. We apply our cross-functional leadership, creative, and critical-thinking skills as well as multi-industry experience and knowledge to produce breakthrough innovations and breakaway strategies, resulting in catapulting clients toward success.

Conduit Consulting LLC professionals have consistently been recognized by our clients and colleagues for the ability to quickly and effectively foresee highly profitable opportunities where others see none, identify and mitigate risks in ways that enhance client companies' value, transform chaos into calm, and get deals done that others could not close; resulting in repeatedly receiving acclaim, nominations and awards from leading organizations for our Strategic Management expertise including New Venture and Product Innovation, Cross-Border and Domestic Deal-Making, Vendor and M&A Due Diligence, Post-Acquisition Integration, and Business Transformation.

con·duit n.
(kän -dü-it, -dyü, -dwit,-dit)

1. A channel for conveying items, such as transmitting information or transferring assets.
2. A means for forging and maintaining a group through a series of activities.
3. A structural casing to contain or direct otherwise unruly items.
4.Archaic A fountain.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latinconductus, from Latin, past participle ofcondcere, to lead together; see conduce.]

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

Our Mission

Conduit Consulting’s mission is to enhance our clients’ ability to innovate in-demand products and services, enter new markets, gain market share and compete profitably in both advanced and emerging economies; accelerate revenue generation; increase profitability; raise capital; improve workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction; reduce employee turnover and expense; and boost both business intrinsic enterprise value and shareholder return.

To do so, we empower our clients by:

  1. efficiently leading and/or advising on strategic planning and corporate development initiatives (e.g., new business venture, organization design, service & product development, corporate restructuring, operational improvement, change management);
  2. providing knowledgeable independent advice in our areas of expertise, including informing clients about aspects of the general economy, business climate, competitive environment, strategic sourcing, integrated marketing management, vendor due diligence and performance management, strategic alternatives, and other current and foreseen elements impacting their business; and
  3. delivering training in various business activities that we have expertise.

Our Approach

Our proven approach saves clients considerable time, effort and expense. We engage in a manner which expedites quickly developing mutually respectful rapport with individuals at all organizational levels, assessing needs, and delivering solutions.

We do not provide unnecessary services simply because it is what our client thought would solve its problem, requested and wanted to buy. Very frequently, similar to when a person attempts to self-medicate without proper diagnosis, the services requested will only treat the symptom of the problem and will not cure the root-cause nor prevent infection from spreading throughout the organization. In fact, often limiting focus to treating symptoms would be detrimental to the business’ long-term viability. It is our experience that client situations are best served using our strategic "triage-style" approachprioritizing, sequencing and implementing actions in a manner that focuses on that which is strategically and economically of critical importance. This AVOIDS wasting time, effort, capital and other resources due to wandering down tangental paths or becoming disoriented and lost, then needing to back-track before moving forward.

We help our clients cross the chasm and reach their destination as quickly as they are willing and able to proceed without demoralizing or exhausting staff or causing failure due to project causing client workforce distraction and inattention to day-to-day activities.

Our Principles

We apply these principles when designing solutions and delivering services on every client project:

  • Clients’ Best Interest - maintain highest ethical standards; strive for best possible results
  • Value Creation - foster clients’ profitability, increased enterprise value and wealth creation
  • Strategic - provide advice and realistic solutions and devise plans that not only address here-and-now, but also are future-oriented and increase competitiveness
  • Pragmatic - deliver advice, solutions and plans relevant to each client’s unique situation

Our Team

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning Conduit Consulting® and its professionals have been nominated by our clients and colleagues and repeatedly recognized by leading organizations for our Strategic Management, Business Venture & Product Innovation, Deal-Making, and Consulting expertise.

Conduit Consulting® professionals have extensive senior level operating and consulting experience advising on and managing complex strategic positioning, development and growth initiatives aiding our clients to raise capital, grow revenue, bolster operational performance, increase profitability, improve customer satisfaction, gain market share as well as enhance their businesses’ intrinsic enterprise and shareholder value.

Conduit Consulting® team members are committed to our clients’ success. Our entire team is results-oriented and motivated to achieve the best possible results for our clients as expeditiously as possible. This includes not only providing frank, candid advice and relevent, comprehesive deliverables, but also being accessible to clients regarding their questions and concerns. For more information about our professionalism and capabilities, view our team web page.

Our Ethics

Our entire team lives our values and is committed to maintaining impeccable integrity and adhering to the highest ethical standards while achieving the best possible results for our clients as expeditiously as possible. This includes protecting our clients’ confidential information.

Conduit Consulting® has been recognized by Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA), CFA Institute, Institute of Management Consultants and ProVisors for our consistently exhibiting those organizations’ high standards of ethical and professional service.

Our clients deserve and get a team who makes it best efforts and delivers desireable results. Don’t you?

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