Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility is a key tenet of our business.

We are committed to maintaining high standards; developing extraordinary products and providing superior services – from client-specific strategic advice to innovative solutions – that surpass client expectations; inspiring clients and employees to work collaboratively; minimizing environmental impact; and strengthening the communities in which we exist. It is how we do what we do every day – conscientiously working to maximize our positive impact, while minimizing any negative consequences of conducting our business.

We are grateful for all our clients (current and past), allies and friends. We look forward to serving alongside many of you to continue to foster sustainable businesses creating ample living-wage jobs and local economies.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving and actively serving our local and professional communities means a lot to our team members and has been a long-standing foundation of our company culture. We are truly passionate about adding-value in all we do; contributing solutions, rather than being part of the problem. We are enthusiastically committed to alleviating poverty and enhancing world peace by fostering regional economic development, developing entrepreneurial capabilities, and cultivating cross-cultural understanding and respect.


We donate 1% of our profit to improve humanitarian, ecological and economic well-being. Additionally, we match 100% of our team members first $1,000 in annual contributions to non-discriminatory 501(c)3 organizations addressing these challenges. Beneficiaries have included:

Community Service

We don’t just donate money, we give our services to make things happen. We take action. We advise, device strategies, build consensus, manage stakeholders, write plans and grant applications, manage execution, control costs and spending, drive on-time completion below budget, monitor progress, and report results.

Our team members serve on local commissions, service organziations, and industry and professional association boards. Pro bono local and international economic development and humanitarian projects include:

Volunteer Time Off

Our time is more valuable than our financial contributions. We offer employees up to 40 hours paid time off per year to volunteer for their chosen causes aligned with our Corporate Social Responsibility goals.


By providing internship opportunities, Conduit Consulting® connects, educates, and encourages the upcoming generation to be ethical, efficient, and effective business professionals. We offer students the opportunity to earn while developing skills.

Environment Sustainability

Since Conduit Consulting’s® establishment in 2002, we have maintained a low-carbon footprint. Our offices, vehicles and tools are designed and were selected to conserve energy. Our business practices include minimizing print volume and often conduct real-time meetings virtually via video-conference to reduce travel impact. Each of these helps us to minimize client costs.

Our clients deserve and get a team who has the know-how and wisdom to deliver desireable results. Don't you?

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