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Are you growing, repositioning, restructuring or exiting your business?

In addition to selling goods and services to customer, companies engage in a wide variety of transactions. Most often these transactions are intended into to support market expansion and exit, service and product diversification and rationalization, materials and services procurement, and infrastructure development.

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Business Transactions include co-development, intellectual property commercialization/licensing, patent & technology transfer, promotional marketing & product placement, OEM services, and other supplier contracts (e.g., raw materials, equipment, office products) and service agreements (e.g., temporary services, webhosting, telephone, machine maintenance, janitorial). In legal terminology, these are often referred to as "Commercial Transactions."

Corporate Transactions include mergers & acquisitions, divestitures, and joint ventures of business entities as well as sales of individual and bundled-portfolio capital assets.

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Will your upcoming transactions be both strategically and financially successful?
Are you creating a competitor?
How much money are you leaving on the table?

Unlike most deal advisors, our Founder and Managing Director Jillian Alexander, MBA, CM&AA, CFA Institute Regular Member and CHRC has extensive experience advising on and managing domestic and cross-border Business and Corporate transactions from start to finish. For more than 20 years, Jillian has represented buy-side & sell-side clients of all sizes and diverse industries on deals successfully structured to be not only financially accretive, but also meet strategic goals. Her across-the-board leadership spans devising strategies, planning, performing due diligence on, valuing, negotiating and managing a wide variety of deals, beginning with defining target criteria and ending with post-deal integration or divestiture separation.
Conduit Consulting specialists have previous hands-on operating and management experience, enabling us to anticipate and swiftly ascertain what, if any, obstacles may exist as well as determine whether they can be cleared (including the effort and cost to do so) or will be permanent obstructions to the transaction's success. Our focus is our clients' success!


Deal Categories                      

  •  Mergers & Acquisitions
  •  Divestitures
  •  Joint Ventures
  •  New Venture Formation
  •  Management Buy-Ins and Buy-Outs
  •  Intergenerational Transfer
  •  Strategic Alliances
  •  Licensing / Tech Transfer
  •  Product Placement
  •  Outsourcing (e.g., OEM, Suppliers, Distributors)
  •  Capitalization (e.g., IPOs, Private Placements)

Often we are requested to perform due diligence then renegotiate terms to stop the hemorrhaging from previously agreed ill-conceived and/or poorly structured transactions, recoup investment and, if possible, turnaround the situation to make it profitable.
Our buy-side approach bolsters clients’ ability to secure favorable rates on raw materials, components and services in addition to acquire targets with no or little competition. Similarly, our sell-side approach not only aids engaging desirable buyers capable of completing transaction, but also fosters deal-making without word leaking out when representing clients contemplating sale of assets or entire enterprise that wish to stealthfully explore alternatives. These and other aspects of our strategic deal-making approach mitigate many transaction risks.
Frequently requested Conduit Consulting Business & Corporate Transaction services include:

  •  Prospect Criteria Definition
  •  Target Sourcing & Selection
  •  Deal Team Management
  •  Request for Proposal (RFP) Development
  •  Capital Raising Pitch Document Preparation
       (e.g., Business Plan, Executive Summary,
        Finanical Model, Grant Application, Presentations)
  •  Other Proposal Writing
       (e.g., RFP response, Strategic Alliance, Sales)
  •  Business Plan Evaluation / Proposal Evaluation
  •  Investor Relations & Corporate Communications
  •  Due Diligence Planning, Execution and Management
  •  Valuation Analysis
  •  Pricing Strategy
  •  Term Structuring / Negotiation Strategy
  •  Capitalization Strategy / Financing Strategy
  •  Negotiation Representation
  •  Deal Documentation Orchestration and Review
  •  Merger Integration Planning / Operational Separation Planning
  •  Transition Management
  •  Alliance Management
  •  Vendor Management
  •  Conflict Resolution / Performance Failure Remediation /
       Transaction Terms Renegotiation

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What are you doing to ensure your deals are value-added and not value destroying?

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