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How effective are your strategies?

All companies -- both profit-seeking and not-for-profit organizations -- need strategies for long-term viability and success.

stratˇeˇgy Pronunciation(strat-i-je)

  1. the science and art of devising and employing the political, economic, psychological and labor forces of an organization to afford the maximum support to adopted policies and to execute approved plans to move organization toward a goal
  2. the science and art of command exercised to meet the enemy in competition under advantageous conditions
  3. a complex of adaptations that serves important function in achieving evolutionary success
  4. a variety of or instance of the use of strategy

[From Greek strategia generalship, from strategos]

Why do most start-ups, product launches, mergers, growth initiatives and exits fail?

Typically, failure is due to ill-conceived strategies and haphazard approaches. To their detriment, companies frequently devise strategies without appropriate information and without consideration to consequences. Few are knowledgeable about a wide variety of methods used to successfully
accomplish similar goals. Even fewer know how to select and modify approaches to effectively
implement them. This results in wasting time, effort and capital wandering down wrong paths.
Most people cannot relinquish their biases and preferences, so they are overly optimistic about their products’ desireability, services’ quality and the price others will pay to purchase their products, service and business. This impairs their judgment and decision-making when defining goals, identifying needs
and developing strategies.
These challenges pose a likelihood of failure that is compounded by entrenched workers being reluctant
to devise and adopt new strategies out of fear or conflicts of interest.

Conduit Consulting LLC receives ACQ magazine Global Awards 2012. Conduit Consulting LLC recognized as Independent Strategic Adviser of the Year.
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How well are your strategies enabling you to achieve your goals?

Most organizations can significantly benefit from independent critique and guidance when devising strategies to launch, grow, reposition or exit providing products and services to customers near and far. Successful strategy development and execution often requires a highly-qualified outside advisor to provide unbiased situation analysis; guide goal setting; propose strategies and solutions; provide insights about what will work considering the client’s specific needs and desires as well as anticipated actions by competitors and other stakeholders; facilitate decision-making; and cultivate enthusiasm within workforce to adopt and implement the stategy.
Due to her extensive experience successfully positioning clients for growth and exit, clients often request our Corporate Development practice leader Jillian Alexander advise on or lead their Strategy Development initiatives, including:

  •  Corporate Strategies
  •  Market Entry Strategies
  •  Product & Service Innovation Strategies
  •  Corporate Portfolio Management Strategies / Growth Strategies / Acquisition Strategies / Divestiture Strategies
  •  Intellectual Property Exploitation Strategies / Corporate Real Estate Use & Allocation Strategies
  •  Global / Regional / Local Marketing, Organizational, Operational (Functional), Financial Strategies
  •  Capitalization Strategies
  •  Digital Content Distribution Strategies
  •  Implementation Strategies
  •  Tranformation Strategies
  •  Exit Strategies
  •  Negotiation Strategies

Conduit Consulting professionals collaborate wtih clients to define, prioritize and achieve their individual, business unit and company-wide goals. We devise strategies and implementation roadmaps that improve clients ability to evolve their organizations and successfully compete. As ours is a fact-based approach, we conduct research and perform analysis as needed. Frequently multiple strategies are devised to be deployed concurrently in an orchestrated fashion. When compiled, these comprise an organization’s game playbook often commonly known as its Strategic Plan. Without the complementary strategy being implemented, it is impossible for the first to achieve its full potential. Unlike many Strategy Consulting firms, Conduit Consulting goes beyond developing strategies; we prioritize and sequence implementation based on client organization’s situation and dynamics.

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How will you adjust strategies and implement them to improve your organization’s results?

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