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What are you doing to position your company for successful growth and exit?

Strategic Planning is performed to determine business objectives, orient the workforce toward its destination and propel the organization to reach its goals. In the Strategic Planning phase of Corporate Development, WHAT products and services will be offered to WHICH customers as well as WHERE and HOW the organization will operate is determined.

A key objective of Strategic Planning is to build a legacy so that your company’s brand has value.

What is guiding your business to endure bad times as well as good times?

Our Corporate Development practice leader Jillian Alexander and other specialists have extensive experience scouting for opportunities, identifying provisions necessary, then mapping out pragmatic courses which enable our clients to successfully navigate unfamiliar territory. We not only provide guidance to reach milestones en route as well as clients’ goal destination, but also short-cuts to close
the distance or surpass the competition.
Conduit Consulting guides and performs comprehensive Strategic Planning as well as
provides integral component services and deliverables, including:

Conduit Consulting LLC receives ACQ magazine Global Awards 2012. Conduit Consulting LLC recognized as Independent Strategic Adviser of the Year. 
2012 SBCA Community Best of Business Award 
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  •  Market Entry Strategies
  •  Growth Strategies
  •  Exit Strategies
  •  What-If Analysis & Scenario Planning
  •  Contingency Plans
  •  Service and Product Pipeline Planning
  •  Competitive Intelligence
  •  Market Research
  •  New Opportunity Identification
  •  Market Opportunity Analysis
  •  Competitive Assessment
  •  Benchmarking
  •  Trend Analysis
  •  Fundamental Analysis
  •  Financial Planning & Analysis
  •  Feasibility Studies
  •  Business Case Development
  •  Decision-Framing and Decision-Making Facilitation
  •  Capitalization & Cash Management Strategies
  •  Global, Regional & Local Marketing Strategies
  •  Account Planning and Sales Forecasting
  •  Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies
  •  Risk Identification & Assessment
  •  Cross-Border & Local Operational Strategies
  •  Materials Planning & Manufacturing Plans
  •  Short- & Long-Term Operating Plans
  •  Workforce Development and Succession Planning
  •  Profit and Performance Improvement Strategies
  •  Implementation & Change Management Strategies
  •  Merger Integration Planning
  •  Reorganization Planning
  •  Strategic Plan/Transition/Implementation Roadmap
  •  Other Short- & Long-Term Goal Setting

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