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What are you doing to crystallize and reach your goals?

Creating a new business is very exciting.
Yet, it is also very challenging. Most Start-Ups run the gambit and fail because people substantially underestimate what it will take to create a profitable business.

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Do you have the courage and capabilities to reach your goals?

Forming a business, developing new products and services, attracting and retaining customers as well as managing other business activities requires resources, energy, diligence, knowledge, skills, creativity, awareness and access to capital plus Management and Workforce commitment to operate cost-efficiently and effectively. Very few Start-Ups have enough of these elements to successfully launch, grow and reach profitability.

Additionally, Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs often unintentionally inhibit their companiesí growth and success. While there are a wide array of reasons, they can be summed up as inexperience (including unskillful and unknowledgeable), poor decision-making (this includes poor planning, typically due to inappropriate data or biases), indecision and inattention to detail. Those dedicated to creating a successful business wisely obtain assistance from well-qualified experts to overcome these short-comings.

What do you need help with?

  •  Business planning?
  •  Business model development?
  •  Accelerating growth?
  •  Other business activities ???
  •  Raising capital?
  •  Attracting customers?
  •  Managing people?

Clients engage Conduit Consulting to gain advice and know-how that complements and improves
their existing capabilities. Our professionals bring a global perspective of business fundamentals, multi-disciplinary skills as well as proven tools and techniques. This includes Guerilla tactics for cost-efficient business operations and building brand awareness, enabling our clients to reduce time to market and accelerate operating profitably.

Conduit Consulting LLC receives ACQ magazine Global Awards 2012. Conduit Consulting LLC recognized as Independent Strategic Adviser of the Year.
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2011 SBCA Community Best of Business Award

Our value-oriented holistic approach avoids the pitfalls of reckless exploration. We help our clients venture into uncharted territory and achieve safe passage, enabling clients to remain focused on the road ahead, gain momentum and swiftly overcome obstacles rather than be distracted and lose control. Our focus is our clients’ success!
Our founder, Corporate Development practice leader and Innovation Award-winner Jillian Alexander, MBA, CM&AA, CHRC, has
more than 20 years experience confidentially envisioning, planning, building and launching start-up, entrepreneurial and intra-preneurial business ventures in 13 industries. Upon the 5-year anniversary of their launch, these businesses either continue to be going concerns operating profitably or have already achieved successful exit (via either sale or IPO).
Each consulting engagement is custom-tailored to suit each client company’s needs. The Conduit Consulting approach is adaptable to all cultures and flexible to accommodate clients’ situations. This customization expedites producing breakthrough innovations and breakaway strategies.
We provide a wide range of services to Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs, including:

  •  Business Plan Evaluation
  •  Branding
  •  Market Opportunity Assessment
  •  Customer Segmentation
  •  Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies
  •  Market Entry Strategies
  •  Growth Strategies
  •  Business Entity Location Selection
  •  Risk Mitigation Strategies and Methods
  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Organization Design / Business Model Architecture
  •  Business Plan Documentation
  •  Revenue & Expense Forecasting / Financial Models /
       Pro Forma Financial Statements
  •  Capitalization/Financing Strategies
  •  Workforce Planning
  •  Growth Roadmap / Implementation Plan
  •  Product Development / Service Development
  •  Proposal Presentations / Grant Writing
  •  Licensing & Outsourcing Transactions
  •  Valuations
  •  Business Model Development
  •  Request for Proposal (RFP) Development
  •  Supplier & Distribution Channel Sourcing & Selection
  •  Management Policies / Corporate Governance Policies
  •  Integrated Marketing Strategies & Management
  •  Marketing Collateral -- Strategic Creative Direction;
        Production/Post-Production Supervision
  •  Marketing Plan Development
  •  Entrepreneurial Team Development
  •  Decision-Framing / Decision-Making Facilitation
  •  Negotiation Strategies
  •  Conflict Resolution (i.e., Business Partner disputes,
       Co-Worker issues, Vendor performance failure remediation)
  •  General Management Coaching

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What are you doing to accelerate growth and position your company for ongoing success?

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