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How long will your business exist?

Businesses that mindfully use a portfolio approach to managing their brands, products, services, real estate, intellectual property and other assets position themselves for greater sales, higher profit, enhanced enterprise value and long-term success than what might otherwise be achieved.

Corporate Portfolio Management entails planning and executing strategic and/or finanical investment decisions, development and improvement initiatives; rights exploitation; and divesture activities pertaining to the company’s brands, products, services, intellectual property, real property and other assets to generate revenue, mitigate risks, maximize profitability, and increase both asset and shareholder value.

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2012 SBCA Community Best of Business Award

What’s in your pipeline?

If your organization is like most, at least one of the below is currently happening:

  • Considerable time, effort and money are given to investigate and develop new products, services and businesses, yet no or very little return on investment is realized.
  • So much focus is on the manufacture, marketing and sales of existing products and services, that no or very few resources are allocated for planning and designing new products and services.
  • So much focus is on the existing customer targets, that no or very few resources are allocated for developing relationships
    with additional customer segments.

These situations not only destroy the perceived value of your business, but also will eventually destroy your company’s long-term viability if ignored or disregarded.
By adopting a portfolio approach, businesses not only improve profitability, but also instill a mechanism that will foster sustainability.

How are you cultivating your company’s portfolio of assets?

Our value-oriented holistic approach avoids the pitfalls of reckless exploration and speeds clients’ decision-making by quickly recognizing inappropriate opportunities as distractions, ignoring those to minimize disruption, and maintaining focus on forward progress. Our focus is our clients’ success!
Unlike most Strategy and General Management consultants, Conduit Consulting professionals have both consulting skills and substantial hands-on operating & executive management experience. Our unique multi-disciplinary expertise and vast industry knowledge enables us to quickly recognize obstacles and swiftly overcome obstructions on the path, resulting clients' profitable corporate venturing. Our Corporate Development practice leader Jillian Alexander, MBA, CM&AA and CFA Institute Regular Member, has extensive experience advising on and managing the full spectrum of Corporate Development activities.

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Conduit Consulting provides the full-spectrum of Corporate Development services, including these frequently requested Corporate Portfolio Management activities:

  •  Growth Strategies
  •  Portfolio Goal-Setting / Portfolio Development Strategies
  •  Portfolio Investment / Retention Decision-Making Framework Development
  •  Acquisition Target Sourcing
  •  Research & Development (R&D) Investment Decisions
  •  Third-Party (i.e., Joint Venture) and New Venture (i.e., Start-Up Strategic Business Unit) Investment Management
  •  Licensing / Tech Transfer
  •  Alliance Management
  •  Corporate Governance Policies / Portfolio Company Requirements
  •  Reorganization Planning
  •  Risk Management
  •  Portfolio Harmonization & Rationalization / Exit Strategies
  •  Buyer Sourcing
  •  Transaction Management / Transition Management
  •  Conflict Resolution (i.e., Ombudsperson, Mediation, Negotiation)

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What are you doing to increase revenue, reduce risk and improve profitability?

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