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How well are you not only generating BUZZ, but also creating BUY-IN?

Developing popular products, sought after services and effective marketing campaigns is as much a Science as an Art.

To stand apart from the crowd and increase your company’s profitability requires structured research, accurate reporting, unbiased analysis, ingenuity and market-oriented design. Due to increased competition at home and abroad, these elements are more important today than ever before.

2012 SBCA Community Best of Business Award

How will you escape being stranded on an “us, too” island?

We bring a strategic market-oriented approach to creative services. By applying our global perspective; creativity; critical-thinking and multidisciplinary skills; as well as proven tools and methods, Conduit Consulting professionals have helped companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations become recognized as trend-setters and market leaders.

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Creatives, Marketers, Business Owners and Corporate Executives turn to Conduit Consulting to gain the candid insights, unbiased advice and expertise of our practice leaders Jillian Alexander, Managing Director-Corporate Development and David South, Principal-Digital Advertising & Interactive Media, each of whom have 20 years experience conceiving and developing commercially successful products, services and effective marketing campaigns and managing these activities for Creative economy companies and those in other industries.

Our focus is on clients success! As each client and situation is unique, each Conduit Creative project is custom-tailored to suit each client’s goals, capabilities and needs. Plus, the Conduit Consulting approach is adaptable to all cultures and flexible to accommodate clients situations, enabling our professionals to rapidly build rapport with individuals at all levels within our clients’ organizations. This customization expedites producing breakthrough innovations and breakaway strategies which result in catapulting clients toward success.

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Our professionals’ efforts have repeatedly positioned companies to:

  1.  Monetize both tangible and intangible products and services
  2.  Raise Capital
  3.  Increase Marketing ROI (return on investment) and effectiveness
  4.  Gain market share
  5.  Achieve #1 rank in industry sector
  6.  Embed flexibility in business model to ease market responsiveness
  1.  Accelerate Time-to-Market
  2.  Enter New Markets
  3.  Improve customer satisfaction
  4.  Produce award-winning campaigns
  5.  Maintain brand integrity

To do so, Conduit Consulting offers a wide range of services that complement and enhance clients’ internal capabilities. Creatives and Marketing Professionals most frequently engage us to assist with the following activities:

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Marketing & other Creative Strategies

  •  Branding
  •  Brand Strategy
  •  Product Strategy / Product Mix Planning
  •  Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies
  •  Corporate and Brand Positioning / Campaign Strategy
  •  Merchandising Strategies (e.g., In-Store, Website)
  •  Loyalty Program Design
  •  Pricing Strategies
  •  Distribution Channel Strategies & Selection
      (including Multiplatform Interoperability)
  •  Communications Plan Development
      (e.g., Media Buy, Promotion, Investor Relations)
  •  Market Entry & Expansion Strategies
  •  Marketing Organization Design
  •  Market Research Study Design and Execution
  •  Competitive Analysis / Trend Analysis
  •  Market Opportunity Analysis
  •  Product / Service Concept Development
  •  Product / Service Concept Evaluation
  •  Customer Needs and Preferences Identification
  •  Product Feature Set and Functionality /
       Service Level Requirements
  •  Packaging Criteria
  •  Research & Development (R&D) Project Management

Marketing Collateral & other Creative Content Development

  •  Creative Direction
  •  Presentation and Ad Design - Structure & Layout
  •  Copywriting (e.g., press releases, presentations,
       investor relations communications, advertisements)
  •  Production Management / Post Production Supervision
  •  Product Development / Service Development
  •  User Experience Development (IPTV, VOD)
  •  Commercial Website Architecture Design
  •  Mobile Smartphone Application Development (SMS, MMS)
  •  Digital Content & Interactive Ad Design and Development

Marketing & Digital Media Management

  •  Integrated Marketing Campaign Management
  •  Creative Brief Documentation
  •  Promotional & Naturally-Integrated Product Placement
       (TV, Film)
  •  Social Media Marketing
  •  Search Engine Optimization
  •  Search Engine Marketing
  •  Advertising & Sales Promotion Management
  •  Account Planning
  •  Customer Relationship Management
  •  Product & Service Portfolio Management
  •  Supplier Sourcing
  •  Licensing & Outsourcing Transactions
  •  Distribution Channel & Vendor Management
  •  Marketing Process Reengineering
  •  Marketing Performance Management
  •  Marketing Performance Measurement and Evaluation
  •  Business Communication Skill Development
      (oral & written; in-person and remote)

Additionally, we educate clients about service and product development & innovation, including ideation, creativity, design and decision-making methods as well as innovation metrics and measurement.

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