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Is your innovation team closer to a breakdown than breakthrough?

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Product Development / Service Development occurs to develop commercially viable goods and services that will enrich the organization. This encompasses conceptualization, prototype design, raw materials and component sourcing, product testing or service delivery workflow testing, necessary to build new and innovate existing products and services.
Yet, organizations very often take a haphazard approach to managing their product and service lifecycles and pipelines, resulting in investing too much time, money and effort developing items that are unpopular, or worse, unprofitable. Why?
Few workers possess a full compendium of creative competencies in ideation, research, scientific analysis, creative-thinking, critical thinking, design, portfolio planning and project management.

How quickly do you innovate breakthrough products and services that meet customer needs, improve profit and enhance customer satisfaction?

At Conduit Consulting, we use a value-oriented holistic approach to facilitate rapidly developing commercially viable products and services plus speeding time-to-market, while minimizing extraneous effort and related costs.
Our practice leaders Jillian Alexander, Managing Director-Corporate Development and David South, Principal-Digital Advertising & Interactive Media each have 20 years experience conceiving and developing commercially successful products and services. Both possess a full compendium of creative competencies, including research, scientific analysis, critical thinking and creativity. We help clients set aside internal biases, personal preferences and ill-conceived notions, then cultivate commercially viable products and services by basing decisions on relevent facts. Due to our specialists’ efforts, clients ranging from early-stage start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations have successfully monetized both tangible and intangible products and services.
Additionally, we educate clients about service and product development & innovation, including ideation, creativity, design and decision-making methods as well as innovation metrics and measurement.

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Conduit Consulting professionals apply appropriate methods selected from wide array of techniques when performing and delivering Concept Development, Product Development and Service Development services, including:

  •  Ideation and Conceptualization
  •  Product Feature Set and Functionality /
       Service Model Design Requirements
  •  Market Opportunity Analysis
  •  Product Mix / Lines of Service Portfolio Planning
  •  Sales Forecasting
  •  Production Planning
  •  Feasibility Analysis
  •  Supplier Sourcing (“Strategic Sourcing”)
  •  Request for Proposal (RFP) Development
  •  Request for Proposal (RFP) Response Evaluation
  •  Budgeting
  •  Product / Service Concept Evaluation
  •  Risk Identification & Assessment
  •  Market Research Study Design and Execution
     (e.g., Interviews, Focus Groups, Surveys, Secondary Research)
  •  Decision Framing and Issue Resolution
  •  Innovation Methodology Development
  •  Innovation Performance Measures & Metrics
  •  Project Management / Program Management
  •  Licensing Deal Brokering
  •  Collaborative Development ("CoDev") Arrangements
  •  Vendor Due Diligence

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