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What direction is your career heading?
Are you ...

2012 SBCA Community Best of Business Award


Rethinking your career field?
Seeking help navigating your career development path?
Contemplating whether to embark NOW or LATER on your entrepreneurial venture?

We understand each individual has different skills, competencies, preferences and priorities and not everyone fits in every organization. Our professionals help Coachees determine in which jobs, work environments and organizations they best fit and would be most successful; plan how to reach their career goals; position Coachees for career advancement; and advise them throughout their career management activities.

By the way ...

Not everyone has the skills, knowledge, temperament and resources to be a successful business owner and manager. YET. Some have the temperment, however need to develop the other capabilities. Others may have competencies, but not the personality characteristics and mindset. These can be developed.
Many become confused by hearing snippets of Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki and The Total Money Makeover author Dave Ramsey denigrating "J-O-B-S," believing they are implying that entrepreneurs are successful while employees are unsuccessful. Some abandon rewarding careers only to discover, after experiencing typical entrepreneurial challenges and lifestyle, that they were happier as an employee. There is NO SHAME in CHOOSING to be an employee at a company
which you do not own.
Many employees are very successful, not only materially, but also in many other aspects of their lives. Individuals who strategically approach managing their careers, can position themselves to be well-compensated for doing work they love.

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What are you doing to propel your career and personal success?

Similar to how we work with our business clients, we use a holistic and market-oriented approach working with Coachees to plan and manage their careers. Conduit Consulting’s approach is adaptable to all cultures and flexible to suit individual needs.
We advise on career paths, development and management, including training our Coachees how to use tools and techniques proven effective in all job markets for ongoing career success. This includes develop our Coachees’ skills to rapidly acquire industry knowledge, identify applicable transferable skills to leverage when changing job function or industry, and market themselves for promotion and to be sought after by recruiters, which has consistently propelled Coachees’ careers. Coachees results include:

  •  Achieving Promotion
  •  Receiving Bonus Compensation
  •  Changing Career
  •  Being Selected to Continue Employment when Employer Reduces Workforce
  •  Securing New Job
  •  Building Rapport with Co-Workers, Customers and Vendors
  •  Resolving Workplace Conflicts

In addition to advising Coachees on highly effective basic written and oral communication skills, structure and techniques, we apply insights gained via our founder Jillian Alexander’s, MBA, CHRC, more than 20 years experience not only successfully managing her career, but also performing industry analysis, designing organizations, creating workforce development and performance management programs as well as recruiting, screening, hiring, supervising, developing, promoting and terminating employees for companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries to accelerate Coachees achieving desired results.
As the majority of our time is spent working with business clients in various industries to resolve their issues and we are not recruiters, we are uniquely positioned to provide Coachees candid guidance.
For those currently in transition as well as those considering future career moves, we offer Group Workshops and One-on-One Coaching to individuals at all levels -- from first-time workers to seasoned corporate executives.
For more information about group workshops, click on the below:

One-on-One Coaching is personally-tailored to each Coachee's needs. We provide tools and training to prepare Coachees to manage their own careers as well as insightful advice to facilitate Coachees’ career, lifestyle and work-related education/training decision-making. Tools and topics most frequently included are:

Career Planning                     

  •  Career preferences
  •  Work/Personal Life Balance Preferences
  •  Job Skills and Aptitude assessment
  •  Career Field and Job Fit
  •  Career Field/Job Market Research
  •  Ideal and Alternate Career Development Paths
  •  Compensation Benchmarks
  •  Career Opportunity and Risk Assessment
  •  Career Strategy Development
  •  Career Development Plan Creation

Career Positioning                    

  •  Resume Development
  •  Presentation Development
  •  Practice Interviews
  •  Individual Branding
  •  Marketing Yourself
  •  Job Offer Evaluation

Career Management                    

  •  Job Search Approach
  •  Networking
  •  Interview Approach
  •  Negotiating/Accepting the Job Offer
  •  Positioning for Promotion
  •  Career Development Coaching /Job Search Coaching
  •  Business Communication Skill Development
      (oral & written; in-person and remote)
  •  Workplace Conflict Resolution

How will you stand out from the crowd?

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