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Will your Business Plan maximize your company’s growth, profit and value?

Establishing a company and positioning one to endure not only requires vision, strategies, processes and infrastructure, but also Management and Workforce commitment. If it’s not built to last, it will be difficult to extract much value when you sell.
No matter if you are seeking to grow, right-size or sell your business, your Business Plan can be a useful tool to (re-)orient the management team and employees, influence financiers and attract buyers.

Conduit Consulting LLC receives ACQ magazine Global Awards 2012. Conduit Consulting LLC recognized as Independent Strategic Adviser of the Year.

What are you doing to break free from the constraints limiting your company’s success?

Clients often engage Conduit Consulting to perform an independent Business Plan Evaluation as a reality-check. Our independence and expertise reduces clients’ risk of failure and improves strategies and planning in two broad-reaching ways:

  1.  Avoidsself-serving perception bias” (which is when an individual analyzing data accepts information that confirms his/her
     biases and discards, ignores, discounts or rationalizes information that conflicts with those biases)
  2.  Provides a fresh perspective, insights and guidance from those who understand what it will take for clients to not only reach
     their desired destinations, but also achieve sustainable results.

Unlike most Deal Advisors or Strategy and General Management consultants, Conduit Consulting professionals have transaction management, consulting skills and substantial hands-on operating and executive management experience. Our unique multi-disciplinary expertise and vast industry knowledge enables us to quickly recognize obstacles and swiftly overcome obstructions on clients’ path to profitability and wealth creation.

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Our founder and Corporate Development practice leader Jillian Alexander, MBA, CM&AA and CFA Institute Regular Member, has extensive experience advising on and managing the full spectrum of Corporate Development activities. She has evaluated hundreds of business plans and performed due diligence for buy-side and sell-side clients ranging from early-stage start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations. That combined with Jillian's cross-functional management experience and deal-making expertise gives her a unique perspective about what is important to each party interested in your company’s business plan.
Conduit Consulting applies a value-oriented holistic approach to Business Plan Evaluation and other services. Our approach helps clients avoid the pitfalls of dream-reality planning and reckless forecasting, ensuring they are oriented toward forward progress. Our focus is our clients’ success!
We evaluate the business plans on a number of levels -- viability, feasibility, readability, and attractiveness to various stakeholders -- which starts with a technical review of the business plan:

  •  Thoroughness/Completeness
  •  Accuracy, Relevance & Timeliness of Underlying Data
  •  Appropriateness of Assumptions
  •  Structure/Organization
  •  Language

Then, we provide strategic feedback on how to strengthen your business plan, including advising on:

  •  WHICH specific Business Plan elements requiring improvement
  •  WHAT will strengthen those Business Plan elements
  •  Methods HOW to improve the Business Plan
  •  WHY use the business plan as tool
  •  WHERE and WHEN to share the business plan (and how to protect it)
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Achievement Highlights

  •  After convincing early-stage company to incorporate realistic sales and cost projections, it quickly secured $9.0MM in funds.
  •  Client sped customer acquisition and profitability growth by adopting growth strategies and distribution channels recommended.
  •  Our approach prepared clients for Buyer due diligence, contributing to clients realizing greater value from deal than anticipated.
  •  Client IPOs priced 20% above initial expected range and the limited offerings were oversubscribed.

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What are you doing to position your company for successful growth and exit?

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