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Do you want to increase the pleasure and wealth you get from your business?

If you are like most small business owners and non-profit execs, you started or joined your business to deliver goods or provide services to benefit customers and create wealth for yourself working for a boss you like (YOU!) in an environment you enjoy. How’s it going?

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Are you on-track to retire when planned? Do you still like your boss and enjoy your work?

Considering the state of the economy, very few can make this claim.
Whether or not a company is successful depends on HOW it conducts business activities (planning, decision-making, marketing, customer service, manufacturing, inventory management, cash management, people management, etc.), more so than WHAT products and services it offers.
Don't believe it? Consider the disappearance of many high-quality products, while poor quality substitutes are widely available. -- Although, excellent marketing is not enough to make a profit.

Entrepreneurial Business Owners and Non-Profit Executives often unintentionally inhibit their companies’ growth and success. Many are unwilling to make hard decisions and admit, even to themselves, what they do not know. Very few are mindful enough to successfully make significant beneficial changes without outside assistance. Consider the following questions:

  •  Even if you know what you do not know, do you know WHAT questions to ask and WHICH "rules"
     may be changed
  •  Do you know HOW to change so that your workforce is NOT distracted from daily operations or
     de-motivated, as either of which would be detrimental to your organization?
  •  Are you able to objectively and quickly re-evaluate your plans, make hard decisions and
     communicate changes without being bogged down by your emotions?

What are you willing to change for you and your company’s benefit?

If you want progress, real meaningful positive change, you must be willing to concede there are things that your team does not know and activities it could do better. If you want to make changes that will improve your business’ attractiveness to customers, alliance partners and future buyers as well as creditworthiness to lenders, you need confidential guidance from professionals who have repeatedly successfully traversed topography similar to what you need to cover. Such experts will help you to swiftly adjust to the economic climate, navigate and overcome obstacles, and anticipate and avoid dangerous situations to arrive at advantageous destinations with magnificent vistas.

Do you have the courage and capabilities to reach your goals?

Conduit Consulting LLC receives ACQ magazine Global Awards 2012. Conduit Consulting LLC recognized as Independent Strategic Adviser of the Year. 
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2012 SBCA Community Best of Business Award  
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As each client and its situation is unique, each consulting engagement is custom-tailored to suit each client’s goals, capabilities and needs. The Conduit Consulting approach is adaptable to all cultures and flexible to accommodate clients situations, enabling our professionals to rapidly build rapport with individuals at all levels within our clients’ organizations. This customization expedites producing breakthrough innovations and breakaway strategies which result in catapulting clients toward success.
While we offer a wide range of services, Small Business Owners and Non-Profit Executives most frequently engage us to assist with the following revenue generation and profit improvement activities:

  •  Conflict Resolution (i.e., Business Partner disputes, Co-Worker issues)
  •  Decision-Framing / Decision-Making Facilitation
  •  Business Plan Evaluation / Business Plan Development
  •  Strategic Planning / Growth Strategies
  •  Product Development & Innovation / Service Development & Innovation
  •  Marketing ROI Enhancement
  •  Integrated Marketing Strategies & Management
  •  Customer Satisfaction & Retention
  •  Product Placement
  •  Strategic Sourcing, Request for Proposal (RFP) Development & Vendor Selection
  •  Supplier & Distribution Channel Management
  •  Proposal Presentations / Grant Writing
  •  Licensing & Outsourcing Transactions
  •  Buy-Out Transactions / Mergers
  •  Valuations / Pricing Strategies
  •  Cross-Border Deals & Operations Management
  •  Deal Due Diligence Planning & Management
  •  Reorganization and Merger Integration Planning
  •  Competitive, Operational and Market Opportunity Assessments
  •  Business Process Reengineering
  •  Workforce Planning & Development / Employee Performance Management
  •  Succession Planning / Intergenerational Transfer
  •  Exit Strategies, Planning and Positioning
  •  Business Transformation Management / Project Management

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What are you doing to accelerate growth and position your company for exit?

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