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Business Model Development encompasses clarifying corporate, business units and departmental roles and responsibilities; in addition to determining and implementing management policies, business processes and infrastructure required to achieve goals.
Very often Business Model Development projects are the implementation phase following Strategic Planning and are cross-functional in nature. During the Strategic Planning phase, companies determine WHAT products and services will be offered to WHICH customers as well as WHERE and HOW the organization will operate. Once these elements are decided, the role shifts to actively managing development of the organizations’ new venture business models.

Does your business model provide flexibility to thrive during volatile economic times?

At Conduit Consulting, our specialists have extensive experience managing and advising on development of Global, Regional and Local business models, ranging from launching new businesses to establishing multinational joint ventures to redesigning and reorganizing worldwide operating structures.
During the Business Model Development phase, companies engage Conduit Consulting to have our Founder and Corporate Development practice leader Jillian Alexander lead and advise on initiatives focused on devising organization and operating strategies, designing and reengineering processes, creating decision frameworks and issue resolution methods, crafting workflow- and infrastruture-related policies, then managing implementation of these as well as forging strategic relationships and executing transactions to establish infrastructure and secure both supply chain and distribution channels.
Conduit Consulting's Business Model Development services most frequently provided include:

  •  Strategy <=> Organization (Re-)Alignment
  •  Corporate vs. Functional Roles and Responsiblities Delineation
  •  Business Model Development Workplan / Business Model Transformation Workplan
  •  Process, Workflow, Infrastructure Requirements Determination
  •  Strategic Sourcing, Request for Proposal (RFP) Development & Vendor Selection
  •  Business Model Development (i.e., Greenfield, Reorganization) -- Global, Regional and Local
  •  Transactions (e.g., Acquisition, Joint Venture, Licensing, Outsourcing) and Strategic Alliances
  •  Program Management Office Establishment
  •  Program Management / Sub-Project Management
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