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Clients select Conduit Consulting because they recognize the opportunity to substantially benefit from both our unique expertise and approach.

Chart of Business Segment Economic Value

Unlike most consultants and deal advisors, our founder and Corporate Development practice leader
Jillian Alexander, MBA,CM&AA, CFA Institute Regular Member has extensive experience selecting
valuation methodology, guiding and expertly performing analysis to appropriately value entire companies, tangible and intangible assets, liabilities as well as clarify the amount of economic contributions gained
via a wide variety of business activities.

Our professionals accurately apply the valuation method suitable for the situation and educate clients about techniques, increasing clients’ understanding of the value as well as value drivers. Our independence and expertise enables us to eliminate or adjust for biased data that others might optimistically include. This helps clients to not only negotiate and close deals swiftly, but also develop well-conceived plans to improve operating performance and make other sound corporate portfolio management decisions.

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Our professionals’ Valuation Analyses are often a key component of more comprehensive projects:

  1.  Gain visibility into each business segment’s economic value
  2.  Establish price range expectations incorporated into value propositions, deal structures and negotiating strategies
  3.  Reach agreement quickly on price of Corporate and Business Transactions (Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures,
     Buy-Sell Agreements, Licensing, Co-Development Agreements, Outsourcing, Equipment Leases, Facility Leases)
  4.  Position a company to raise capital (IPOs, Private Placements, Commercial Loans)
  5.  Corporate Portfolio Management (Business Planning, Investment & Divestiture Decision-Making)
  6.  Recover misappropriated and embezzled funds
  7.  Negotiate and remediate Trade and Contract disputes
  8.  Determine performance-based Compensation allocations
  9.  Assess attractiveness of and structure a wide variety of Marketing programs (Customer Loyalty Programs, Revenue-
     and Profit-Sharing Arrangements, Cooperative Marketing Arrangements, other Promotional Marketing
     Services, Media Buying and Product Placement)
  10.  Report business segment and enterprise-wide economic performance

 Our focus is our clients’ success!

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2012 SBCA Community Best of Business Award


How might your company’s valuation approach and models be altered to increase your wealth?

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