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Our Economic, Market and Consumer Research and Analysis Experience

Conduit Consulting professionals perform Economic, Market and Consumer Research and Analysis with the intent that our findings will be synthesized and used for budgeting, forecasting, decision-making, goal-setting and comparative competitive reporting incorporated into our clients Service & Product Development and Innovation, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Financial & Cash Management, Workforce Development, Performance Management, Corporate Portfolio Management activities as well as Merger, Acquisition, Divestiture, Joint Venture, Licensing, Outsourcing and Strategic Alliance transactions.
Our professionals’ Economic, Market and Consumer Research & Analysis consistently uncover relevent quantitative and qualitative data our clients repeatedly put to use.

Achievement highlights:

  •  Our Market Opportunity Assessments have not only shed light for clients on highly profitable
     underserved customer segments, but also influenced clients to revise strategies which resulted in
     reducing cost of customer acquisition, increasing marketing ROI, securing favorable-rate loans as
     well as positioning start-ups to successfully raise capital due to well-conceived, fact-based strategic
    and business plan documentation.
  •  Our unbiased Customer Satisfaction Surveys have led to clients increased revenue and improved
    by influencing service and product innovations and streamlining of business workflows.
  •  Through Interviews, Focus Groups, Surveys as well as Secondary Research, we have identified
     consumer requirements
    as well as relative importance of preferred features and functionality which
     resulted in streamlining purchasing and manufacturing workflow, reducing component and labor
     costs, speeding time-to-market and increasing per unit profitability.
  •  We have designed and developed Competitive Landscape repositories and maps to provide clients
     visibility necessary to devise marketing strategies as well as increase buying power and negotiating
     strength in conjunction with strategic sourcing, licensing as well as merger & acquisition initiatives.
  •  Our Valuation Analyses have facilitated quickly structuring and negotiating price and terms in
     conjunction wtih acquisition, partner buy-out, licensing, joint venture as well as other revenue-
    and profit-sharing agreements.

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Research & Analysis – Select Industry Categories        

Communications – Wireless & Wireline

Fiber Optic
Terrestrial Broadcast

Consumer Products

Bath & Body Care
Electronic Devices
Recreational Equipment


Cable & Broadcast Distribution
Interactive Games
Interactive Television
Motion Picture Production
Motion Picture Services
Television Production
Theatrical Distribution


Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment
IP Multicasting
Internet Services
Internet Use
Networking Infrastructure
Online Content
Online Photo Sharing


Advertising Serving

Technology – Hardware & Software

Customer Relationship Management
Data Security - Authentication, Encryption
Data Storage
Digital Imaging
Enterprise Resource Planning Software
Multi-device Interoperability
Online Ad Serving
Personal Computers (PCs)
Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
Personal Video Recorders (PVRs)
Photography & Digital Imaging
Set-Top-Boxes (STBs)

Real Estate

Corporate Real Estate Portfolios
Multi-Unit Commercial Real Estate
Multi-Unit Residential Real Estate


BioPharmal Lab Materials & Supplies
Drug Discovery Services
Medical Devices

Industrial Products

Construction Materials
Office Equipment
Office Furniture
Office Supplies

Industrial Services

Customer Call Centers
Customer Loyalty Programs
Electronic Manufacturing Services
Executive & Management Training
HazMat & Waste Management
Industrial Transportation
Overnight Courier Services
Semi-Conductor Manufacturing


Big Box Retailers
Drug Chain Retailers
General Merchandise Retailers
Natural Foods & Heath Care Retailers
Specialty Retailers
Supermarket Chain Retailers

Financial Services

Asset Management
Commercial Banking
Money Transmitters
Procurement Cards
Sub-Prime Lending

Professional Services

Business Strategy Consulting
Technology Consulting

Other Industries

Healthcare Services
Recreational Equipment

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