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Our founder Jillian Alexander has produced award-winning marketing campaigns and business plans which generated multimillion dollars revenue and positioned companies for on-going success. These include Telly Award–winning live action commercials and branding competitions.

Marketing Strategy, Re-branding, Marketing Collateral Creative Direction and Production Supervision
    – a Client's own words

“After 30 years building a successful retail appliance business ... I was looking to spur sales growth and increase profit during the economic slowdown. When I engaged Jillian to help, I hoped I would get an honest appraisal. I did. Jillian provided an accurate assessment and valuable solutions.
“Jillian performed sales analysis and made recommendations that caused me to realize we needed to adopt some new strategies...

Godfather BobGodfather Bob
Cowboy BobCowboy Bob
Informercial BobInformercial Bob
Psychic BobPsychic Bob
Carney BobCarney Bob
The Five Bobs
The Five Bobs

“Marketing was BIG! ... Jillian helped me recognize that the market had gotten sophisticated enough that we
needed to get branded. Jillian articulated our brand, provided creative direction on television commercial and internet ad marketing collateral, supervised production and post-production, advised on media buying.
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“Due to her seeing the big picture, knowing how to execute, and expertise in guiding execution, Jillian is
an excellent sounding board and consultant. Like a pitbull, she protects her clients by relentlessly calling
their attention to matters which need to be addressed yet, she always does so with a sense of humor.
“Any business owner, general manager or corporate executive who wants a sounding board that will
provide honest and wise advise as well as someone who can effectively guide execution would benefit by
making Jillian a part of your team.”

Mike Nichols    
Co-Owner and General Manager    


Many clients substantially attribute their marketing success to leveraging Conduit Consulting professional’s expertise in interrelated Strategy, Transaction and General Management fields, including:

  •  Conceptualization / Creative Concept Development
  •  Branding
  •  Market Opportunity Analysis
  •  Strategic Planning / Market Entry Strategy / Growth Strategy
  •  Supplier Sourcing & Vendor Selection
  •  Marketing Plan Development (i.e., Company and Product Communication Plans)
  •  Marketing Collateral -- Strategic Creative Direction; Production Supervision
  •  Negotiations
  •  Valuations

How are you building your brand into a more valuable asset?

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