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Successful Service and Product Development

Clients engage our professionals at all stages of product development / service development. Clients
that recognize they will reduce time-to-market by including independent expert advisors who
not only guide the development process, but also will impartially determine product features
and functionality as well as services and service levels then validate commercial viability of proposed products and services involve Conduit Consulting from the beginning. Others hire us once they have a concept they want (in-)validated prior to making further investment or when they recognize being stuck.

Our practice leaders Jillian Alexander, Managing Director-Corporate Development and David South, Principal-Digital Advertising & Interactive Media each have 20 years experience conceiving and developing commercially successful products and services. Both possess a full compendium of creative competencies, including research, scientific analysis, critical thinking and creativity. We help clients to set aside internal biases, personal preferences and ill-conceived notions, then cultivate commercially viable products and services by basing decisions only on relevent facts.

Our value-oriented holistic approach enables not only rapidly conceiving and developing commercially viable products and services, but also designing operations to efficiently produce and deliver products and services, as well as positioning them for profitable, competitive success.
Additionally, we educate clients about service and product development & innovation, including ideation, creativity, design and decision-making methods as well as innovation metrics and measurement.

Achievement highlights:

 Due to our professionals’ efforts, companies ranging from early-stage start-ups to Fortune 100
 corporations have successfully monetized both tangible and intangible products and services,

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2012 SBCA Community Best of Business Award
  1.  Consumer Electronics
  2.  eTailers (Internet-based Retailers)
  3.  Financial Services / Financial Products
  4.  Vocational & Specialty Education
  5.  Film/TV/Video Entertainment Products
  6.  Photographic & Motion Picture Editing Tools
  1.  Industrial Equipment & Related Services
  2.  Professional Services
  3.  Creative Services
  4.  Business Services
  5.  Content Distribution Services
  6.  Group Purchasing Consortiums

These outcomes are substantially attributable to clients leveraging a number of interrelated components of our Strategy, Transaction and General Management services, including:

  • Product Development & Innovation / Service Development & Innovation
  • Business Concept Evaluation / Business Plan Evaluation
  • Market Opportunity Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Branding
  • Market Entry Strategy / Growth Strategy
  • Marketing Plan Development (i.e., Company and Product Communication Plans)
  • Financial Model Development
  • Supplier Sourcing & Vendor Selection
  • Organization Design / Business Model Development
  • General Management coaching
  • Negotiations

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