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Our COACHEES are WELL-COMPENSATED for doing work they ENJOY.

2012 SBCA Community Best of Business Award

Conduit Consulting founder and Managing Director Jillian Alexander, MBA, CM&AA, CHRC, has more than 20 years experience mentoring individuals at all levels -- from first-time workers to seasoned corporate executives -- regarding Career Planning, Career Positioning and Career Management. This includes guiding Coachees to develop knowledge and skills, gain real-world work experience, and be sought by recruiters as well as selected for promotion and compensatory rewards.

We understand each individual has different skills, competencies, preferences and priorities and not everyone fits in every organization. Our professionals help Coachees determine in which jobs, work environments and organizations you would best fit and be most successful; plan how to reach career goals and get positioned for career advancement; plus we advise on career management activities.
As the majority of our time is spent working with business clients in various industries to resolve their issues and we are not recruiters, we are uniquely positioned to provide Coachees candid guidance. Similar to how we work with our business clients, we use a holistic and market-oriented approach when working with Coachees to plan and manage your careers. Conduit Consulting’s approach is adaptable to all cultures and flexible to suit individual needs.

2012 International Coach of the Year Nominee

We quickly train our Coachees how to use tools and techniques proven effective in all job markets for ongoing career success as well as provide person-specific insightful advice to facilitate Coachees’ career, lifestyle and work-related education/training decision-making. This develops our Coachees’ ability to strategically manage your careers, so that you may be very successful, not only materially, but also in many other facets of your life.

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Career Coaching pays off!
By leveraging our expertise, many Coachees have achieved the following:

  • Increased total compensation by 20% to 40% in a single career move.
  • Secured position desired within preferred organization.
  • Escaped potential unemployment by recognizing lack of career growth opportunities earlier than co-workers and efficiently conducting effective job searches.
  • Advanced career, increased income and increased job satisfaction by changing roles, reporting structure, locations, companies and/or industries.

For those currently in transition as well as those considering future career moves, we offer group workshops and one-on-one coaching to individuals at all levels -- from first-time workers to seasoned corporate executives.

What are Coachees saying in response to our Career Conduit method and Jillian Alexander's advice?


-- Banker, Fortune 100 Multinational Financial Services Institution

“This is a unique and valuable service."

-- Former Middle-Market Business Owner preparing to re-enter workforce

“Thank you so much for all your help and advice in becoming a good job candidate. ... I accepted an offer this morning! Starting at the end of this month I’m very excited about my coworkers and about the variety that goes into this position. ...Thank you again for everything you’ve done for me.”

-- Marketing Communications Specialist, Creative Services Agency

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