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As most organizations today operate with lean teams, very few have in-house personnel possessing the necessary characteristics --
an unbiased perspective, broad multidisciplinary skills, deep knowledge of proven methods as well as program management, conflict resolution and business transformation leadership expertise -- to rapidly map, propel and steer their companies to reach their desired state.

Conduit Consulting professionals have repeatedly led and advised on business initiatives that successfully increased clients’ profit and enhanced their companies’ enterprise value by developing new and improving existing products and services, increasing brand awareness and customer satisfaction, enhancing capabilities, transforming corporate culture, reducing employee turnover and improving productivity even when clients were skeptical about the results being possible.

Conduit Consulting LLC receives ACQ magazine Global Awards 2012. Conduit Consulting LLC recognized as Independent Strategic Adviser of the Year.

We use a value-oriented holistic approach to change strategies, policies, workflow, processes and rewards so that resources are deployed and workforce is movitated to work toward achieving company's goals efficiently while working in a manner that allows client personnel to remain focused on day-to-day activities rather than be distracted by change initiatives.

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Companies ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to small private enterprises to non-profit organizations in a wide variety of industries have improved financial stability as well as gained strategic mobility and other benefits due to our professionalsí General Management, Business Transformation and Profit Improvement efforts.

Achievement highlights:

  • Positioned many clients to achieve and maintain top-level performance in industry sector.
  • Guided more than 20 clients spanning six (6) industries’ multinational reorganization and expansion initiatives.
  • Designed and implemented Strategic Planning, New Venture Development, Service and Product Innovation, Outsourcing and Merger Integration strategies and processes to enable growth for organizations in which these did not exist.
  • Devised Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing and Procurement strategies, reengineered related processes and aligned organizations to improve productivity, quality and profit performance as well as employee and customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced corporate governance and increased management visibility, affording clients earlier identification of opportunities as well as problems -- shortening time to market and reducing economic losses.
  • Devised strategies plus reorganized to improve workflow and reduce tax liability that led to clients increasing annual profit by 34% and annual share price growth up to 75%.

These outcomes are substantially attributable to clients leveraging our professional’s Corporate Development expertise and a number of interrelated Strategy, Transaction and General Management component services, including:

  •  Competitive, Operational and Market Opportunity Assessments
  •  Marketing ROI Enhancement
  •  Strategic Planning / Growth Strategies
  •  Customer Satisfaction & Retention
  •  Corporate Portfolio Management
  •  Product Development & Innovation / Service Development & Innovation
  •  Organization Design / Business Model Development / Reorganization
  •  Business Process Reengineering
  •  Cross-Border Deals & Operations Management
  •  Proposal Presentations / Grant Writing
  •  Licensing & Outsourcing Transactions
  •  Workforce Development / Employee Performance Management
  •  Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management
  •  Business Transformation Management
  •  Conflict Resolution (Ombudsperson, Mediation, Negotiation)
  •  General Management coaching

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